Level line designed for masons
A line of mason levels are easy to read thanks to the plumb vial positions. The levels feature centered hand holes for better balance, and removable rubber end caps that grip walls. Other features include a wide frame and smooth vials for easy cleaning.

  • Stabila Inc., 800-869-7460, www.stabila.com
  • Product features rotating vial
    A rotating vial on the I-Beam 180 offers precision leveling of materials installed at angles from 0 to 180 degrees. The level features rigid I-beam cross-section construction, powder-coated aluminum frame, low-profile protective end caps, and acrylic vial covers. A measuring scale printed on the top eliminates the need for a tape rule.

  • The Stanley Works, 800-782-6539, www.stanleyworks.com
  • Magnetic version added to line
    The True Blue line now includes the em71 Series of magnetic levels. Available in 24-, 48-, and 78-in. models, the levels feature rare earth neodymium magnets carefully positioned on the frame to line up with standard spacing of hinge plates. The vials have blue bands that darken to define the bubble perimeter and provide enhanced visibility.

  • Empire Level Mfg. Corp., 800-558-0722, www.empirelevel.com
  • Easy-to-read levels hold tight
    Dual chamber technology makes straight-line I-beam levels more durable so they resist twisting or bending. They have large bubble vials that are easy to read, even when looking through the top view window. Rubber end caps provide impact resistance and rare earth magnets ensure a strong hold on metal work surfaces.

  • Irwin Industrial Tool Co., 800-464-7946, www.irwin.com
  • Tool performs multi-tasking duties