Marring a beautifully built wall goes against every mason's pride. So when a mason needs to make openings, it's important to have the appropriate tool that does as little damage to the wall or masonry element as possible. Manufacturers now offer a wide selection of bits and blades that enable craftsmen to efficiently, safely, and economically complete these important tasks. We have provided a number of new products that are handy additions to masons' toolbags.

Multi-purpose diamond blades

This new line of diamond blades is designed for fast, smooth cutting, and long life. The highest-quality synthetic diamonds are embedded into the bonding matrix of each saw blade. The line includes segmented and turbo diamond blades ranging from 4 to 16 in. The blades can be used for general purpose, soft materials, and hard materials, including cured concrete, block, brick, and granite.

Makita. 800-462-5482. www

Engineered blades

The MK-762DMX line of high-speed blades uses arrayed patterns of diamonds for maximum efficiency. The diamonds are aligned to work in unison for maximum abrasion and material removal, increasing cutting efficiency over conventional blades by 65%. The blades are available in 12-, 14-,16- and 20-in. sizes. Segment height is 10 mm. and it has a 1-in. arbor. The general purpose dry cutting blade can be used on tile, block, and concrete.

MK Diamond Products Inc. 800-421-5830.

Masonry chain saw blades

Chain saws can cut through concrete, stone, and masonry with Diamond Chain technology. Diamond segments are laser-welded to a steel chassis, allowing saws to plunge cut up to 25 in. into the hardest concrete or make square corners with no overcuts. Force4 chains have a larger chassis with 50% more tensile strength than a standard diamond chain, deep engagement drive links for straight cuts, and a segment pitch design for optimal weight and strength.

ICS, Blount Inc. 800-321-1240.

Blades with more segments

New split segment diamond blades in 12- and 14-in. diameters have double the number of segments. The design reduces the angle of contact to the material for faster cutting with lower vibrations. It creates more exit points for dust particles, keeping the blade cooler and increasing its life. Blades are color-coded and labeled with the quality, application, and type of saw they are designed for, taking the guesswork out of choosing a blade.

Wacker Neuson. 800-770-0957.

Silent core blade

The PDS 30-20SLT is a premium silent core diamond blade designed specifically y for cutting brick and block. Its sandwich-steel core allows masons to achieve up to 50% noise reduction. Unlike most silent core options, this 20-in. blade is laser-welded for either wet or dry cutting. The blade is competitively priced with non-silent alternatives. Also available in 14-in. size.

Concut Inc. 800-243-5888.

Quick cutting for hard materials

The N-SEG hard materials blade is designed with a unique N shape segment for extremely fast cutting. This special design also keeps the blade cool and helps remove debris while cutting, preventing premature wear and increasing blade life. The blade cuts wet or dry, for use on concrete, brick, block, and stone. Available in 4 to 10 in. with a 10-mm segment height, and 12 to 20 in. with a 15-mm segment height.

Pearl Abrasive Co. 800-969-5561.

Concrete diamond discs

Diamond discs for 14- and 16-in. cutoff saws work for wet and dry cutting. They are designed to cut through concrete and concrete reinforcement. The 14-in. blade provides a cutting depth of 5.3 in., while the 16-in. offers a cutting depth of 6.3 in. Both blades have a 1-in. diameter arbor hole. Use the blades with LS 14 and LS 16 hydraulic-powered cut-off saws.

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC. 800-760-4049.

Blades reduce noise level

Silent Runner blades have steel cores made with sandwich technology to prevent harmonics in vibrations, specifically in the high pitch/frequency range. This results in a noise level drop of up to 50%, although operators must still wear ear protection. The Silent Runner series comes in five specifications, and is able to cut a wide range of masonry materials.

Husqvarna Construction Products North America. 800-288-5040.

Curved masonry blade

Cut precise circles, arcs, and curves as easily as cutting a straight line with the Arcus Contoured Masonry Blade. Use the 7-in. blade with most circular saws to cut free-handed or with a compass guide. Use it wet or dry to cut stone, concrete, stucco, and tile. Cutting width is 1/8 in. A turbo rim gives a long service life with consistent finishes.

Arcus Inc. 502-495-2959.

Cut through concrete and rebar

The X5L Hammer Carbide tip provides a large cutting edge for faster drilling speed and less wear. Its sharp edge rips into concrete and rebar, and the cross-section reduces stress and improves performance with side hits and direct impact with rebar. The carbide and steel are bonded together at the molecular level for a stronger, longer life. Bits range in diameter from 3/16 to 1/2 in. and are available in 4- to 18-in. lengths.

Bosch Power Tool Corp. 877-267-2499.

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