Hand Warmers
Hand Warmers
Pocket Warmers
Pocket Warmers

Building on the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles technology, Heat Packs come in two versions, Hand Warmers and Pocket Warmers. The Heat Packs are lightweight, rechargeable warmers with adjustable temperature settings that provide many hours of comfort, helping maintain a higher body temperature to keep the cold from cutting your winter activities short.

Product Functionality:
• Easy push-button for ON/OFF and changing of temperatures
• LED light indicates temperature setting
• Charges in a matter of hours (Wall Charger provided)
o Charge time for Hand Warmers is 2-3 hours
o Charge time for Pocket Warmers is 3-4 hours
• Certifications: Products meet all U.S., Canada and EU battery, materials, and UL requirements

The Hand Warmers are smaller battery-operated warmers that are rechargeable, durable and will last over 500 charges, the Pocket Warmer is a larger battery-operated warmer that is rechargeable, durable and will last hundreds of charges.


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