In our searching to develop the perfect expansion joint, we introduced a complete new jointing solution (patent pending) which is realizing the best load transfer system ever. The Cosinus Slide joint has combined the Sinus Slide solution (continuous support for passing wheels which enables vibration– and shock free crossings) with an unique technology of load bearing capacity of the floor without any dowel system. The Cosinus Slide joint is characterized by a stable double 2x5 mm Sinus steel plate on top opposed by a double Sinus steel plate on bottom. Instead of traditional anchor studs the joint is fixed in the concrete by a special wreathed continuous rebar system over the total length of the joint and with connections top and bottom.

A small steel plate in the middle prevents overflowing of the concrete. Thanks to the Sinus-Cosinus geometrical shaped form of the joint and the concrete, load transfer is not realized by the joint (with dowels) but by the floor itself. That’s why we say; the joint is the floor, the floor is the joint. Each sinus corrugation on top is opposed by a Cosinus corrugation underneath. These crossed sinus corrugated steel plates shape small vertical steel concrete columns over each other. The load bearing of these columns defines the load bearing capacity of the complete floor. The loads are transferred simultaneously and proportionally throughout and over the floor by those vertical Concrete Columns shaped and supported by the Sinus-Cosinus geometry.

This unique load bearing capacity of the floor slab is calculated and proved for all kind of forklift traffic. Traditional joints still struggle with the striking impact of falling wheels into the opening gap. Even the strongest reinforced joints cannot resist this very uncomfortable and unsafe situation. This will result in damage very soon with the inevitable limited use, ongoing suitability and durability of your floor as result. With the Cosinus Slide joint, the wheels and loads are sliding smoothly and shock free from one floor slab to another without traditional dowel connection. Thanks to this new technology, the Cosinus Slide joint satisfies the requirements of floor usability such as shock- and vibration free joint crossings regardless the speed of forklifts. This feature generates extended advantages in the field of: Environment, Healthcare and well-being at work, durability of the floor and enhanced profitability of operators and cost savings. The investment cost is recovered in less than one year.

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