The European Construction Equipment Committee, CECE, has recently established new product group “hydraulic attachment tools” serves as a communication and information platform for companies operating in this field of business. Companies active include Arden Equipment, Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, FRD, Indeco, Montabert, NPK, Okada, Sandvik, Simex, Socomec, Soosan, Tabe, Toku and VTN.

The product group is chaired by Torsten Ahr, who is Vice President Marketing at Atlas Copco Construction Tools.  Ahr is convinced: “Especially the sub-segment of what we refer to as silent demolition tools will see a steady upturn over the next years as the industry turns towards more efficient solutions in demolition and recycling."  The era of the sledgehammer and the wrecking ball is over in many parts of the world. Instead, sophisticated tools like crushers, pulverizers, grapples, and scrap shears are what is being sought after today.

The product group serves as a platform to discuss EU-legislation matters relevant to the section such as the outdoor noise directive and to share information about market developments. Statistics on hydraulic breakers and demolition tools are another core service. CECE is the only supplier of worldwide data of this kind. “We are happy to supply such a unique tool to our manufacturers helping them to better understand their market situation and their competitive environment”, Torsten Ahr adds.

One of the crucial future topics will be to address the problem of hydraulic breakers that are coming to the European market but do not comply with the European safety and environmental legislation.

The scope of products in this section of CECE includes hydraulically driven machines that are mounted to construction equipment such as excavators, backhoe loaders, and skid-steer loaders: breakers and demolition tools but also niche products and highly specialized solutions like screening buckets, mounted plate compactors or rotary drum cutters.

Companies interested to join are welcome to contact Sebastian Popp by phone +49-69-6603-1678 or email to [email protected]