The Euclid Chemical Company is proud to announce the introduction of RENOVATE. As its name suggests, RENOVATE is used as a decorative means of  renovating  and revitalizing old worn concrete surfaces,  whether they be stamped or plain. RENOVATE is a 2 part cementious kit that can be easily applied with a paint roller or pump up hand sprayer. No special equipment or compressor necessary.

Tough and durable, this unique product can withstand any climate from blistering southern sun to the freeze-thaw cycles of the Northern climes. Its ultra thin properties won’t hide or mask any underlying texture or patterns. This makes RENOVATE perfect for restoring old stamped concrete, or just changing its base color. Increte manufactures color packs in 30 standard colors providing you a rainbow of choices to match any décor or theme. Increte’s ANTIQUING AGENT will provide that secondary color that makes stamped concrete so realistic. Finish it off with Increte’s CLEAR SEAL for a long lasting and beautiful new hardscape.

RENOVATE  is specifically engineered to accept Increte’s family of concrete stains including STAIN CRETE acid stain and STONE ESSENCE, a water based semi-transparent stain. Use RENOVATES  light base color as-is or add an integral color pack to broaden your choices of finished stain looks. Because RENOVATE can be stained the day after application, the turnaround time on your project is quick and down time minimal.

Diego Lopez, Increte Product Manager for Euclid explains that  “due to stamped concrete’s popularity over the past several decades, there are hundreds of millions of square feet of decorative surfaces that are structurally sound but in dire need of a face lift. The cost and disruption of tear out and re pouring can be prohibitive.  RENOVATE  is THE answer. There is a great need for this product and the market is huge!” Lopez adds that RENOVATE is also great for masking repairs made to your slab. “Our Euclid brand is known for its concrete repair products. Just patch those bad areas and use RENOVATE to tie everything back in”. Because RENOVATE has a Portland cement base, your refinished surface has the look and feel of concrete rather than the painted look of a pigmented concrete stain.

Cost effective, easy to apply, with gorgeous results, RENOVATE has it all! For more information, visit us at the World of Concrete in booth #S-10136, or call us at 800-752-4626. Check out our website

As one of the first and oldest names in the decorative concrete industry, Increte Systems helped put decorative concrete on the map. The first company to offer scheduled hands on training, Increte’s newest classes offer two full days of the latest in decorative technology and application techniques. RENOVATE is a testament to Euclid Chemical and Increte’s continuing investment in Research and Development. World class laboratories in Cleveland, OH and Tampa, FL work daily on new chemistries  to meet the demand and increase your options in the ever growing world of decorative concrete.

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