1-2-3Mortar is a polymer-enhanced, pre-blended sand and cement mortar designed to lay block, brick and stone veneer. With 1-2-3Mortar one simply adds water to the applicator bag, mixes, and applies from the bag.

1-2-3Mortar is a Type M Mortar that exceeds ASTM C1714 (C270, C387) and ASTM C1072 industry standards, as tested by the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association). Jobsite performance and consistency is ensured through controlled proportions of dry mix by the manufacturing plant, easy-to-measure water quantities, ease of mixing, and high water retention during curing.

Its high-performance formula and unique applicator bag produce high yields and make masonry installation significantly faster, more productive and efficient by reducing processes and labor involved in any job, large or small.

Thinner mortar joints allowed by the formula’s superior strength, and the precise application from the bag’s nozzle, help 1-2-3Mortar obtain a high yield out of a small, eleven-pound package (bag). Benefiting the job process in several ways, by diminishing: material transportation & handling, cleanup, waste management and water usage at the job site.

Productivity gain and cost reduction result from 45%-60% time saved during preparation and application of 1-2-3Mortar. Its method simplifies, avoids hassles, and reduces effort present in the traditional way of working with mortar.

By using 1-2-3Mortar, the man-hours saved throughout material handling, preparation, application, and jobsite cleanup lower the overall labor costs, ultimately increasing the bottom line for the contractor. One small bag can turn into big profit.

1-2-3Mortar additional information:

  • 1-2-3Mortar Bag weight: 11.3Lb
  • Colors available: Gray and White
  • Smaller bag (5.5Lb) available for repair purposes
  • 2 times stronger than Type S Mortar (3,900 psi)
  • Bag lays up to 30 blocks with 1/8 inch recommended joint
  • 2 to 3 times faster versus traditional mortar
  • Up to 20 times less water needed to lay same amount of blocks

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