ExakTime’s New TimeSummit Connect: The Freedom to Manage Your Workforce From Anywhere

Workforce management solved. TimeSummit Connect, the newly released cloud-based platform from ExakTime, is a one-stop workforce management solution that draws on our 15 years of expertise and 20,000 customers to provide contractors with a flexible new way of managing their businesses.

This web-based time and labor tracking software seamlessly and securely pulls information into the cloud from ExakTime’s mobile app and rugged time clocks, giving contractors instant access to vital labor management data on any device with a web browser.

“We’re obsessed with making it easier for our customers to manage their remote workforces,” said ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas. “TimeSummit connect brings us further than ever on this mission. It gives businesses the freedom to do more.”

TimeSummit Connect provides immediate transparency on activities in the field via a dashboard that shows the latest information across your job sites, from employees and crews currently clocked in to labor hours expended, and much more. Hours and breaks, job costing, FaceFront Biometrics photo verification, GPS traceability, time card approvals and other essential field updates can be accessed for better management on the go.

With TimeSummit Connect, role-based permissions for workers, supervisors, payroll clerks and C-level executives allow the appropriate level of access to be customized for each role.

Employee permissions pave the way for self-service, such as viewing digital time cards that are complete or in progress, so questions are resolved immediately and paychecks are never a surprise—and access can be enabled or disabled at any time. Mobile forms can be captured in the field, reviewed from anywhere, and saved to ensure compliance. Streamlined editing options enable payroll managers to match incorrect or incomplete time cards with existing ones and make changes across multiple time cards at once.

“Business owners and key office staff can retrieve actionable data to track job site progress and budgets anytime, allowing them to make better-informed business decisions,” said Rob Benson, Director of Product Management. “Real-time oversight from any device helps contractors control their biggest expense, labor. It reduces time spent chasing down time cards so payroll can be processed easily, and helps keep contractors compliant.”

A subscription-based software, TimeSummit Connect affords a low total cost of ownership and quick return on investment. You’re always on the latest version and get the immediate benefit of new features. No installation or updating required—and no long phone calls to tech support necessary.

Best of all, TimeSummit Connect is a simple, straightforward workforce management system that’s easy for everyone to use, allowing your office staff and employees to get up and running in minutes, saving you time and money right from the start.

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