Galvashield Fusion Vector Corrosion Technologies, a global leader in structure preservation, is excited to introduce Galvashield Fusion, the next generation of hybrid cathodic protection technology for reinforced concrete.

What is Galvashield Fusion?
Galvashield Fusion is an advanced concrete corrosion mitigation system that combines the power of impressed current cathodic protection with the maintenance-free performance of galvanic anodes.

How does Galvashield Fusion work?
Repeated patching of spalled and delaminated concrete is expensive and unnecessary. Galvashield Fusion attacks the root cause of corrosion with a powerful dose of electrochemical treatment. Galvashield Fusion provides two-phase protection with a single embedded anode unit.

  • Phase 1 - an intense burst of self-generated electrical current strikes the reinforcing steel and passivates rebar corrosion (electrochemical treatment).
  • Phase 2 – after the impressed current phase, galvanic anodes shield the structure from future corrosion damage (cathodic prevention).

Simply embed the Galvashield Fusion anodes into holes drilled into the concrete, connect them to the reinforcing steel and let the anodes go to work. The novel system is simply “fit & forget”. It naturally switches from Phase 1 to Phase 2 without external monitoring or human intervention.

Where is Galvashield Fusion used?
Galvashield Fusion is the ideal solution for long term, low maintenance preservation of structures suffering from corrosioninduced concrete damage such bridges and parking structures exposed to deicing chemicals, residential and commercial buildings in coastal areas, piers and wharfs, and industrial facilities.

How long does Galvashield Fusion last?
Galvashield Fusion system can provide 30+ years of protection but each project is designed to meet the owner’s specific service life needs. If a longer life is desired, the system can be connected to an external power supply such as a solar panels or a transformer/rectifier when the galvanic anodes are depleted.

What are the main benefits of Galvashield Fusion?
Galvashield Fusion can preserve structures, save money, and shorten the construction schedule because less anodes are required. The system can also eliminate monitoring and maintenance requirements as there are no external electrical components. This provides the engineer more flexibility to economically protect the entire structure or selectively target corrosion hot-spots based on project requirements.

Are there any limitations for the use of Galvashield Fusion?
Yes, due to the power of the impressed current phase, Galvashield Fusion is not currently recommended for used on prestressed or post-tensioned concrete structures. In this instance, a straight galvanic anode system can be designed for corrosion control.

Also, Galvashield Fusion doesn’t repair corroded steel, it only addresses corrosion. So supplemental reinforcement may still be necessary if significant steel cross section loss has occurred.

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