The EliteONE was designed by concrete lifting and leveling specialists for concrete repair practitioners.

New and special features of the new EliteONE include:

  • Use of an air purge system to minimize drilling
  • Introduction of pressure gauges to improve operator control
  • Minimal moving parts and expensive O-rings increases operator productivity.
  • Introduction of a new twist-on port connection and swivel

The result is a piece of equipment that:

  • Increases productivity of the operator by minimizing material backups
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases ergonomic features allowing for operator comfort and convenience
  • System is air purged allowing ports and tips to stay open
  • The equipment is valve-operated with one-way check valves
  • Uses material pressure gauges so the operator can monitor pressures at the gun
  • Enjoys a swivel at the point of connection to an injection port
  • Has an easy-to-operate handle to control air flow and foam injection.

HMI predicts operators will save thousands of dollars annually in equipment maintenance costs since the EliteONE has fewer moving parts and less expensive O-rings.

Along with the EliteONE, the injection gun is complemented by the release of a new ElitePort. This new port has an easy twist to connect the locking mechanism to attach to the EliteONE swivel connector.

The HMI Elite product line has been proven to be more dependable, more efficient, easier to use with a lower cost of maintenance. HMI has been providing quality concrete lifting equipment and material to the market since 1974. Its customers and its own contracting division have performed hundreds of thousands of successful projects for: government, commercial entities and residential home owners. Insights gained for over four decades lifting and leveling airport runways, highways/roads, factory floors, driveways, walkways and more went into the development of EliteONE.

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