An automatic and remotely connected dust extractor especially developed for professional floor grinding. The dust extractor is often seen as a necessary evil. You can’t grind without it, and for it to perform properly, the operator needs to dedicate attention to it, e.g. to monitor the filter status and to purge the filter. This takes valuable time and focus off the floor.

The main purpose of the D60 is making floor grinding more effortless when it comes to dust handling. The HTC D60 addresses several of the main pain points of dust extraction when grinding floors. That’s why compactness, connectivity and automation have been the key aspects in developing the HTC D60. The result is improved productivity, handling and safety. The HTC D60 is the very first industrial dust extractor which is remotely connected to the grinder (DURATIQ series), allowing the operator to:

  • Operate the dust extractor from the DURATIQ remote
  • Get all relevant dust extractor data on the DURATIQ display
  • Purge the filter from the DURATIQ remote (if not automatically purged)

Another, for the industry unique benefit is the automatic filter purge option. The filters are automatically purged according to parameters continuously monitored by integrated sensors. This enables continuous operation and more consistent dust extraction capacity over time. The operator can focus on the floor being grinded instead of overlooking the capacity of the dust extractors and the status of the filters. Still, due to the DURATIQ remote connection, the operator has all the critical info at hand in the display. Actual real-time values of airflow, underpressure and filter status are continuously displayed both on the display of the dust extractor and the DURATIQ grinder.

Ergonomics are often forgotten when it comes to efficient dust extractors. The HTC D60 is extremely compact considering its capacity. Both cyclones have four different height levels enabling very compact dimensions when in transport mode. The height measures only 55 inches in the lowest position. A low center of gravity and large lockable wheels make transporting very easy, over thresholds or other obstacles. When dealing with dust safety is an important issue. HTC D60 protects the operator from dust with the help of HEPA H13 filters, easy access to the filters with quick locking system and a safe exhaust valve made in rubber which protects the dust bag from being punctured. Extra thick (68 µ) Longopac system gives dust free bag changes. The step-change in grinding machines which has been achieved with the DURATIQ series now continues in the field of dust extraction with the D60.

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