Accelerated & Enhanced Concrete Clarity
KickStart Clarity Enhancer is a unique liquid formulation that provides accelerated and enhanced clarity to hard steel troweled concrete in fewer grinding/polishing steps.
In conjunction with CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard Single Dose™ and Curecrete’s exclusively designed FLOW™ diamonds, KickStart produces enhanced clarity at any finish, whether cream, salt ‘n pepper or exposed aggregate.

Lower Labor & Equipment Costs, Higher Profits
The KickStart process provides applicators/contractors with the ability to increase efficiency, save on labor and equipment costs, and ultimately increase profits.
Increased Efficiency, Better Results

  • Does not require floor to be pre-wet overnight
  • Fewer steps than traditional grinding method; allows for quicker progression from metals to hybrids to resins
  • Better performing diamonds as a result of better lubricated environment

Significant Labor and Equipment Cost Savings

  • Fewer steps, less man hours on jobsite
  • Fewer steps, less diamond tools needed
  • Less operator fatigue due to enhanced lubricated environment

Higher Profits

  • Accomplish more work in less time, without the need to hire more labor or purchase more equipment or tools

Benefits & Advantages

  • Accelerated, enhanced clarity in fewer grinding/polishing steps
  • Achieve higher clarity with lower grit diamonds
  • Increased diamond performance as a result of enhanced lubricated environment/slurry
  • Easy to clean slurry from diamonds and floor
  • Can be used on Ashford Formula and RetroPlate floors and in conjunction with all Curecrete
  • Supporting products
  • Suitable for new or existing concrete; concrete restoration
  • Single component solution

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