MATCH PATCH PRO is a fast curing concrete crack and spall repair product designed to be extremely user friendly. Achieve virtually invisible repairs that meets or exceed required abrasion resistance for architectural clear sealed and polished concrete flooring.

Uniquely, Match Patch Pro is a Resin/Cement Hybrid repair product that out performs any other material system.

Match Patch Pro is composed of a hybrid blend of resin, Portland cement and latex binders, and overcomes many of short-falls of single binder products. Exclusive in-field scientific color match system allowing easy, on site color matching of existing concrete slabs.

Features include:

  • Cures for polish in two hours.
  • Cures for initial grind in 20 to 60 minutes.
  • Accepts concrete dyes.
  • Densifies with Reactive Silicates.
  • Can be matched to concrete of any age close to perfection on site.
  • Does not fish bowl when processed.
  • Can fill spall of any size up to .20 cubic feet, even very shallow spalls or scratches.
  • No resin/cement stain ghosting or halos around repair areas.

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