NEX makes physically traveling to a jobsite merely to retrieve concrete temperature and maturity data a thing of the past. Simply log on to a secure website from any device and all the data is right there, to be viewed remotely and even shared amongst construction team members instantly and collaboratively. NEX wireless nodes automatically transmit temperature and strength information via the cellular network using reusable sensors, which keeps monitoring costs the lowest in the industry. No more trips to a jobsite just to download data from embedded loggers, saving time, money, and wear and tear on company vehicles.

NEX even improves a company’s safety margin by eliminating the need for workers to tie-off or don harnesses, because the data is always viewed from the safety of the ground, or an office, or even halfway around the globe. Each node accepts up to three sensors at once, so large areas can be covered efficiently and inexpensively. Because the data is literally real-time, the system can send instant text and email alerts when the concrete reaches critical milestones, such as high or low temperature values, strength attainment, and even high temperature differential values between sensors, ideal for massive concrete applications.

The web-based software is highly intuitive, providing a short learning curve and rapid return on investment. Live, real-time data, with instant text alerts, all while using reusable sensors makes NEX the smartest choice for concrete maturity and temperature monitoring for any concrete placement.

In addition, the NEX system can wirelessly control the remote MatchCure concrete cylinder curing box, providing absolutely foolproof matched cylinder curing in any conditions. Whatever temperature curing profile field concrete has, the test cylinders will do the exact same thing, eliminating guesswork when testing field-cured samples.

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