At World of Concrete 2016 in Las Vegas, ProAll will introduce the Commander, an all-new control system that makes the Reimer Mixer the most high performance concrete mixer in the world.

For construction contractors and concrete producers, volumetric mixers have long been an invaluable solution for quality, cost-effective on-site mixing. All of the components – stone, sand, cement and water – are loaded into separate compartments on one truck, metered, and mixed into fresh concrete in a high-production mixing auger for a fresh mix anywhere, anytime.

Until now, volumetric mixers have been susceptible to inconsistencies throughout a load and required much technical skill to maintain mix specifications. Without a careful eye on the mix, slump could change and delivering a consistent pour could take constant, inexact adjustments to several aspects of the mixer. With the launch of the Commander control system, those days are gone for good.

With the Commander, automated functions and digital controls give unprecedented control, accuracy, and consistency. For the first time, elements of a mix are precision measured several times a second, and auto-controlled by a cutting edge PLC system. Further, unlike any other mixer in the world, with the Commander all functions of the mixer are connected—including belt speed, water, and cement. So, belt speed will always be constant, and it will be precisely linked to a variable cement flow, water flow, and auger speed, so your slump and strength are right on, every time—just set a water-cement ratio, and let the Commander do the rest.

“This new setup removes a large human error factor that exists with other volumetric mixers,” says ProAll Vice President Steve Fillmore, “on other mixers, when you’re putting out a load your slump could change, but with the Commander your mixer stays at a constant rate and you’re not worried about your machine speeding up on you or something falling out of whack. Throughout the entire load—wheel barrow to wheel barrow—you know your mix will be accurate and consistent. Once you choose your mix specifications, nothing will change”.

Beyond the accuracy and consistency provided by automated mixer functions, operators can now grab total command of pours with fully digital controls, all on one dashboard. All mix measurements are displayed together on one screen where production can be tracked in real time and warning messages will appear if mix proportions become incorrect. All mix adjustments can also be made on the same panel. Change the strength, tweak your water-cement ration, or adjust your speed, all with a single turn of the dial. The Commander’s control panel will also track mix information for thousands of jobs, so you can not only track job activity daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly—you can auto-set your elements to a past mix design with the push of a button. Delivering engineered specifications has never been easier.

Fillmore elaborates: “There are so many distractions on a construction site, and while you’re pouring concrete there are a lot of things to worry about. With the Commander, one quick glance will show you that your water, your chemical, all elements of your mix are in check; and if you should need to make an adjustment, for example to add more water, it only takes a small, simple adjustment on the dial. So you not only have more dexterity with your water control with a digital control and an exact measurement on the screen, but you only have to make one adjustment because the belt and cement settings and everything else will automatically change according to the water adjustment you just made. Completing a pour will involve less strain, less stress, and inspire more confidence.”

Attendees of World of Concrete will also discover many other helpful features of the Reimer Mixer’s Commander control system, like a washout setting for quick and easy cleanup and joystick chute controls for ultra-responsive auger movement.

All of the above features of the new-look Reimer Mixer are exclusive to ProAll, and never before seen with any mobile mixing technology. As such, ProAll is excited to be at the forefront of the industry. “The way an operator now pours concrete with our mixer is unparalleled. It’s a more capable, more functional, more precise, and more responsive mixing experience than anyone has ever seen,” explains Fillmore. “With the Commander, the Reimer Mixer is without a doubt the most high performance mobile mixer in the world.”

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