QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro Concrete Mix is the first and only concrete mix that delivers one-hour working time, three-hour walk-on time and 6,500 PSI compressive strength with crack, freeze-thaw and corrosion resistance. No concrete mix on the market matches the combined benefits and performance of QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro including substantially more expensive fast-setting concrete mixes that compromise working time for rapid strength gains. The advanced technology formula makes QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro the most dynamic and versatile concrete mix available. As a result, QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro enables contractors to complete projects quickly while meeting all the necessary structural construction and/or repair requirements.

QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro Concrete Mix provides the working time and rapid strength gain ideally suited for horizontal concrete applications such as slabs, parking garages, bridge decks, roads, balconies, steps, floors, ramps, sidewalks and patios. In addition, QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro features alkali-resistant fiberglass fibers for crack resistance, an air-entraining admixture for a superior finish, easy workability and freeze-thaw durability, and an integral corrosion inhibitor. Applied at a minimum thickness of 2”, QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro reaches 1,000 PSI in three hours, 3,000 PSI in 24 hours and 6,500 PSI in 28 days. QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro, which meets ASTM C387/C387M specifications for packaged, dry, combined materials for concrete and high strength mortar, is available in 80-pound bags for under $10.

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