The Silo Protection System (SPS) offers a quick 6 second pre-unloading safety check prior to the pneumatic off-loading of cement, fly ash, slag or any powdered products into the silos. Pneumatic conveying operation uses air to carry the product into the silo and this air must be vented via a suitable filter. Silo protection is necessary as there are inherent risks with delivering product in this fashion. This function test is to make sure there is no over-pressurization, that the pressure relief valve is working properly and run a silo product level check. These tests will eliminate filter damage by protecting and monitoring the pressure within the silo, will reduce product loss through overfills and wastage and avoid the costly clean-up costs, but most importantly will reduce maintenance levels significantly and provide a safer working environment for site operators. Failure of any component will trigger an alarm and prevent delivery.

These systems are now mandatory in Great Britain and Hycontrol's advanced SPS is the first system in the market to fully comply with and exceed the comprehensive safety guidelines issued by the Mineral Products Association (MPA). They are mandatory due to several industry deaths related to the over-pressurization of silos and the filter systems blowing off the structures. This system has just recently been introduced to North America.

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