The 8th Edition of Formwork for Concrete (SP-4) has been completely revised and updated. Authored by David W. Johnston, North Carolina State University, the 512-page hardcover book includes 500 modern color photographs, 150 color illustrations, and new chapters. This edition considers the updated lateral pressure and other provisions now provided by ACI 347R-15 "Guide to Formwork for Concrete." Expanded coverage is provided for wind loads on formwork specialized from ASCE/SEI 7-10 as modified by ASCE/SEI 37/14. The design of formwork has been divided into two chapters: one focusing on bending, shear, and deflection of wall, slab, and column formwork members, and a second focusing on shoring and bracing members. Bridge formwork considerations have been moved into a separate chapter. A new chapter summarizing the recommendations of ACI 347.3R-13, "Guide to Formed Concrete Surface," has been added.

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