Concria TrowelPolish is opening doors for concrete contractors and business owners looking to expand into the concrete polishing market with minimal investment. There’s no need to bring in the expensive, high-voltage concrete grinding equipment, as the Concria system transforms power trowels, auto-scrubbers, and even swing buffing machines into concrete grinding and polishing machines.

By utilizing existing machinery, concrete professionals can offer polished concrete at a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete grinding and polishing methods. A six-step system, Concria TrowelPolishTM is fast, easy to use, and requires little investment. The system allows contractors to produce up to 10,000 square feet of polished concrete in a working day with only one ride-on power trowel. The high production rates result in fewer man-hours, saving the contractor valuable time during the construction process. The Concria discs easily clip onto low-cost mounting pads about a dozen at a time, depending on the machine size.

The diamonds for both grinding and polishing are bonded with a rigid resin. This strong resin helps increase the longevity of the discs. Deep cleaning, honing, and polishing can be done simultaneously using Concria. Even if customers aren’t looking for a fully polished floor, Concria TrowelPolishTM can still be utilized. Concria can be used to remove curing agents, bond breakers, and tire marks from the surface of the concrete, in addition to simply evening out the overall look of the finished floor.

When used with a lithium-based concrete densifier, the Concria system eliminates microscopic surface roughness, creating a tight, smooth, and 100% dust-free concrete surface. Hard, smooth, and abrasion resistant floors produced by Concria TrowelPolishTM are much easier to maintain than untreated steel-troweled surfaces. The newly treated floor also allows for easy removal of tire marks, dirt, and scuffmarks.

Whether you own a ride-on or walk-behind power trowel, an auto-scrubber, or a swing buffing machine, Concria allows concrete professionals to add a new revenue stream to their business.

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