Fume Tube has no equivalent. The entire product represents an innovative design solution addressing very significant Health and Safety issues in the industry. The Fume Tube is much more than just a tube! This product can be attached to the muffler of a broad range of combustion-powered equipment and through an associated vacuum system, completely eliminates all hazardous exhaust fume including Carbon Monoxide (CO) from the operators work area.

This is particularly important when working in enclosed spaces where CO can build up quickly and overcome operators. The dangers of CO in workplaces are well documented and to our knowledge no other system is available that completely eliminates this hazard so effectively and efficiently.

The Fume tube is lightweight and extremely durable, has no moving parts and can be very easily and quickly attached to a wide range of equipment. In another variation and in combination with our wall chasing saws, the Fume Tube also removes the majority of dust and slurry generated from the cutting process. This mitigates the risks associated with Crystalline Silica inhalation and slippage on slurry.

The benefits of Fume Tube to contractors and operators are clear. In many parts of the works now, there are strict regulations governing CO emissions on workplaces. There have been many well documented cases where CO has contributed to death and serious injury on worksites. This is most relevant when work is being carried out in enclosed spaces such as within buildings and in ditches and other areas where ventilation is restricted. Fume Tube completely eliminates this hazard.

Likewise, the hazards of Crystalline Silica when cutting bricks and concrete materials are well known and include silicosis, a serious lung disease. Fume Tube, in another variation, can greatly mitigate these risks by removing most of the dust from the operators work area in combination with water supression at the cutting surface and a powerful vacuum system.

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