• Since its launch early last year, Skudo’s Tack-Mat has been lauded by contractors who have need to protect their polished concrete. Tack-Mat is a revolutionary surface solution that protects your surface against foot and machine traffic, paint overspray, mortar and dirt and debris. Because Tack-Mat bonds to the protected surface, dirt, debris and spills cannot get underneath.


    Saves time and money: Avoid unnecessary repairs and cleaning.

  • Can be placed on nearly any surface type horizontal, or vertical including fresh concrete. Great for stairs.
  • Safer work surface: Slip resistant, seamless and stationary walking surface. Won’t move or slide with foot or machinery traffic and weather.
  • Easy to apply: Peel off release paper and stick Tack-Mat to the surface - no tape required! Reposition as needed.

Skudo’s HT (Heavy Traffic) Tack-Mat resists damages that can occur from equipment traffic, welding, spills and stains from paint and oil for interior projects. The LT (Light Traffic) grade provides interior protection against dirt, surface abrasion, and stains caused by paint overspray, spills, light machinery and foot traffic.

Recently Skudo Tack-Mat has been used on many jobs including the AT&T Stadium in Dallas and the University of Michigan Engineering building. Skudo Tack Mat is a superior solution for all your temporary surface protection needs.

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