With unlimited color options, the Graniflex color flake or quartz decorative broadcast system excels where other broadcast systems cannot. Epoxy or polyaspartic systems simply do not work for extended periods of time on exterior applications and often fail because they can't hold back the vapor pressure exerted on them in an outdoor setting. The same thing goes for many basement floors or other areas where moisture vapor pressure is an issue. Graniflex on the other hand is a different animal!

It's flexible rubber "tentacle-like fingers" penetrate deep (sometimes up to 1.5 inches deep) within prepared concrete...when moisture vapor/pressure presses against them they expand and swell tightly against the concrete capillaries making it impossible to blow off the coating!

Unlike epoxies and polyaspartics, GraniFlex never gets brittle with age (Permanent 590% Elongation), maintains its flexibility indefinitely and on top of that, is super easy for contractors to install with a long, LONG pot life on prime and broadcast coats. No more rushing the product out of the bucket and onto the floor hoping you get your broadcast applied in time . As a matter of fact it is just the opposite! Slow in the bucket, yet dry within an hour on the floor! For contractors that have been installing epoxy and polyaspartic systems, this system blows their mind...the ability to mix in the catalyst/accelerator and just leave it in the bucket and then work with it from there! No stress of being "on the clock" and hoping that your bucket won't start smoking from the chemical reaction!

Contractors love Graniflex because of fast installs and high profits (time is money)! After prep, it’s only ONE DAY APPLICATION from prime coat to seal coat. No more "hours upon hours" on your hands and knees troweling! Not only is the system a dream of every decorative resurfacing contractor...the ability to quickly complete broadcast projects OUTSIDE but the end client loves it as well for its beauty and lasting durability!

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