The SHERPA 100ECO is the first mini battery powered skid steer in the world. At only 30.7" wide and weighting only 1600lb, it can easily fit through any standard doorway or ride in a standard elevator.

Running on a 24V battery, the 100ECO is 100% fume free so you are no longer restricted on access in hospitals, indoor shopping malls, occupied schools and high-rises. A hydraulic auxiliary allows for multiple attachment functions. Attach a hydraulic hammer to break walls, a grapple bucket to load material, a hydraulic dumping hopper to remove the material and a rolling sweeper to clean up the dust. The battery has an 8-9 hour battery life so making sure you get a full day’s work is never an issue. Charge the machine at the end of the day in as little at 7 hours using a standard 110V or 220V outlet and you’ll be ready to work in the morning.

Completing interior projects used to be difficult. The use of manual labor is not only unreliable, but it is difficult to judge the duration of a project and you have more of a risk of workers compensation claims. With The SHERPA 100ECO, hard work becomes easy. Reduction in manual labor means more productivity, reduced project time, more profits and a small risk of injury to employees due to manual labor. From cleaning the inside of agricultural tanks and barn stalls to concrete removal and debris clean up, the SHERPA 100ECO is the perfect machine to make your hard work easy.

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