Introducing the Next BIG Thing: The Bulldog Bucket
by Les Connard, Founder of Washout Watchdog

After marking 10 yrs. of servicing the concrete industry with the Washout Watchdog, I heard from many drivers and clients over the years who wanted an even simpler solution to wash out. I was hearing that some drivers were putting the bucket back into the rack without draining it. This gave me an idea.

I then challenged myself to come up with a modified system that would be the fastest and easiest washout system on the market.

In essence to do more, by doing less.

I came up with a design for an alternative system that simply requires the driver to swing their main chute over and wash out in a secure area without having to pick up a container full of water.

The Bulldog Bucket is the Answer to This Challenge.

The Bulldog Bucket houses a removable tray with a screen in the top of the bucket. This tray also acts like a lid.

I also have molded a series of groves in the bucket and tray to cause the water to remain in the bucket as it bounces down the road.

The aggregates on top of the screen also act as a lid.

There is also a water proof cover that remains on the rack, but is pulled over the bucket when not in use.

The bucket rack is attached between the bumper and the mud flap and has an outrigger that allows the bucket to slide into position for washing out and back into the rack easily without lifting.

It is perfect for pump jobs, but can also be used with a light wash on multiple chutes or in tandem with our tank system or an air pump.

As an added bonus feature, the rack itself becomes a platform for the driver to stand on to see better when unloading into a pump or a secure area of the bumper to stand on to assist during the wash out process.

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