Track assets and equipment with the WorkMax ASSETS module. Now your workforce can easily manage all of your most valuable assets, tools and equipment from anywhere. Tools are expensive to replace and can be difficult to keep track of. Stop asset loss, minimize delays and know what is where in an instant. Check in, check out and assign assets to locations, employees, and projects. The WorkMax asset module allows businesses in virtually any industry to track their valuable company assets. With the built-in flexibility that the WorkMax ASSETS module provides, our customers track a variety of assets including small tools, large equipment, electronic devices and virtually any of your other company assets.

Cover Your Assets From Anywhere. Now your teams can manage and access your complete company asset inventory from the field, the shop, the office or in between. All of your valuable assets can be neatly organized and managed from a central location and is accessible anywhere you have a web browser. Instantly find the asset you are looking for by unique number, barcode, pick list or even serial number.

Capture and Share Accurate Asset Usage Capture and track accurate asset usage as it happens (or after the fact) from anywhere providing quicker, more accurate billing and complete utilization visibility. Measuring accurate asset usage, maintenance and asset ROI has never been easier.

Decrease Asset Loss Who has it? Where is it? How long has it been there? When is it due back? Now anyone on your team can access, view and even assign assets to the right people and the right place providing Instant answers from anywhere.

Mobile Asset Transfer + Assignment- Mobile workers can transfer assets to and from each other on the go and with ease.

Maximize asset life - maintenance - Accurate asset usage tracking ensures proper service and increases asset life.

Let the power of WorkMax ASSETS make your life and your business better!

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