The iQ 912 Power Cutter is a fully integrated clean-cut concrete and masonry power cutter and effective vacuum and filter system. With the new iQ 912 Power Cutter, masons can dry cut while keeping the job site cleaner and safer. The IQ 912 power cutter brings efficiency to the job site eliminating water and slurry cleanup.

The unit features an engine powered vacuum and quick spin filter cleaning system makes dust collection effective and residue disposal easy. Using interchangeable snap-on, job specific, Dust-Stops, workers can optimize the dust collection for the material type being cut.

The iQ 912 power cutter features a 12” blade and a 93cc, 6.0 HP engine that meets EPA3 certification. The combination of the hi torque iQ 912 with the iQ Ultimate 12 inch diamond blade, contractors have a new tool that cuts faster, cleaner and safer.

IQ Power Tools. 888-274-7744.

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