The iQMS362 - The world’s first 16.5” dry-cut masonry saw with integrated dust control.

WARNING: This isn’t your grandfather’s masonry saw.

Size Matters
If the material is too long for the limitations of a typical 14” saw, the operator needs to make additional passes to finish the cut. A 20” saw is good for big projects, but the sheer size of the tool can create logistical challenges. As the world’s first 16.5” masonry saw designed to overcome these challenges, it allows for a 5.5” depth and a full 24” length of cut.

Speed and Accuracy – It’s all about the blade
The 16.5” Q-Drive blade is the key to the design of this tool. The motor package and blade were engineered specifically together to increase cutting speed and accuracy. This powerhouse tool shows off its 40% increased cutting speed over other masonry saws in its class, cutting through a 60mm x 4” paver in just three seconds. The Q-Drive blade cuts masonry materials in a wide range of shapes, sizes, weights, and densities; from soft, manufactured stone to very dense pavers or granite.

Smart Power, Soft Start
The iQMS362 operates using a standard 120v and 20 amps. Equipped with soft-start technology, the iQ Power Management System within the saw controls the input power ramp up for smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Easy Portability is Key
The iQMS362 is built with high-floatation wheels designed to tackle rough, job site terrain. It’s integrated stand with a gas-shock powered lifting/lowering mechanism accommodates the cutting techniques of both masonry and hardscape professionals. Finally, an incorporated a caster wheel to allow for 360-degree rotation over hard surfaces. Flipped on its back, the iQMS362 can be easily transported by one person into a freight elevator, garage, or on any hard surface area.

Let’s Talk Dust
For years, wet cutting has been the norm. It’s messy, a pain to clean up, and slurry disposal options can be limited. Dry-cutting is a common alternative, but the dust generated and resulting health problems have led to stricter standards of dust monitoring and containment. The iQMS362 comes equipped with an integrated vacuum system, filter system, and dust containment to eliminate all these issues.

Featuring a 270-degree Dust Reduction System, the dust is captured within the blade guard, rear dust guard, and downdraft, louvered table via a high-powered, integrated vacuum system. The dust then passes through a 3-stage cyclonic filtration system, capturing heavy debris, fine particles, and superfine particles. This allows for up to 99.5% dust capture from each cut. The iQMS362 is built with an integrated dust collection chamber that holds 40+ pounds of dust.

The iQMS362 was designed with the health and safety of its operator in mind, meeting the OSHA Silica Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of 50 micrograms of respirable crystalline silica per cubic meter of air (μg/m3), averaged over an eight-hour day. iQ Power Tools offers supporting objective data to demonstrate OSHA PEL compliance. Workers can operate the iQMS362 with confidence, knowing that their health and safety have been accounted for.

The Only Choice
iQ Power Tools continues to be a leader in tool innovation and the iQMS362 is a game changer for the construction industry. Its unmatched speed and accuracy, portability, and dust collection make the iQMS362 16.5” dry-cut masonry saw with integrated dust control the ONLY choice for masonry professionals.

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