Lighting with power to spare

The Maxi-Lite 15330 and 20330 portable light towers are designed with 15- and 20-kilowatt AVR-regulated generators that deliver enough energy for work trailers, pumps, additional lighting or other jobsite equipment. The units also feature the SHO lighting system that provides as much as 50% more light than comparable units. The towers rotate 360 degrees and include a 50-gallon tank for up to 100 hours of continuous operation. Allmand Bros., 800-562-1373,

A light for most applications

The company's new light tower offers 1000-watt output and can illuminate up to 100,000 square feet, making it ideal for a wide range of construction site applications. The portable product is available with or without a generator, and it can be quickly installed by a single person in about 3 minutes. In addition, the lightweight, compact unit is stable on the ground. When fully extended, the tower reaches a height of 15 feet. GTM Canada, 514-825-4827,

Tough jobsite work light

The bright, self-righting Wobble Light is virtually indestructible. It features a floating shock system to protect the bulb, an internal ventilation system to keep it cool, a durable plastic housing that won't bend and a tough polycarbonate dome that won't break. No setup is required; just plug it in. String several together with the power outlet or use the outlet for jobsite tools. Models range from 8000 to 40,000 lumens. Wobble Light LLC, 312-527-0955,

Upgraded air compressor

The XAS97JD portable air compressor provides 185 cfm at 100 psi. Enhancements include reduced noise level, improved corrosion resistance, and standard DOT-approved road signalization. The compressor element features an advanced, machined rotor profile that is more efficient than previous models. The canopy is made of galvanized steel, combined with powder-coat paint, to provide a durable, well-protected finish. Also, its John Deere diesel engine is Tier II compliant, maintaining the fuel efficiency and reliability that customers require. The safety system automatically shuts the engine down in case of low oil pressure, high coolant or compressor oil temperature, or low fuel level. Atlas Copco Compressors Inc. 413-536-0600,

Easy-aiming light tower

The TML-4000 trailer-mounted light tower is only 70 inches wide, with UHMW slide pads to prevent metal-to-metal contact, rust, and corrosion. Its tilt-actuating system lets users vertically aim all four lamp fixtures from ground level, reducing the need to lower the tower to adjust the lamps. The lamp adjustment system lets you quickly and easily aim each lamp, without tools, for precise light placement. The horizontally mounted metal halide lamps, enclosed in cast-aluminum fixtures, produce greater light output than vertically mounted bulbs. Genie Industries, 800-536-1800,

High-powered generators

A new line of innovative, high-powered generators delivers performance, reliability, and efficiency. The G2800L and G4300L have EX series engines, with high-performance, chain-driven overhead cam technology that gives the generators a more precise valve train, fewer moving parts, and quieter operation. Other features include an automatic compression release system, a recoil starter with electronic ignition, and reduced noise, courtesy of a rigid muffler. The G1100 generator is an 1100-watt, 2.5-hp unit that weighs only 55 pounds. Makita USA, 800-462-5482,

Reduced running noise

Silent Series generators feature advanced inverter technology. The R1700i runs at 1650 watts, the RG3200iS operates at 3200 watts, and the RG4300iS is a 4300-watt unit. The inverter technology reduces running sound, and it runs the engine at a slower speed for low power use, automatically increasing speed as more power is required. The R1700i is powered by the EH09-2 overhead valve gasoline engine; the other two models are powered by EX overhead cam gasoline engines. Voltage and frequency are electronically controlled to maintain accuracy through the full power range. Robin America, 800-277-6246,

Portable floodlight system

The AL4000 portable floodlight system has an automatic start/stop option to control a fleet of light towers automatically. It can be set in the timer mode, which turns the generator on and off at particular times, or the photocell mode, in which the system signals the tower to turn on or off based on the amount of natural light present. Each tower has four 1000-watt metal halide lamps that can illuminate up to 7.5 acres or provide isolated lighting for nighttime jobsite applications. The fixtures plug into a weatherproof receptacle box, and the control panel is protected from the elements, inside the unit. Terex Light Construction, 800-433-3026,