Metal Lath is the old lath. Today in the market you will see products that are incorporating fiberglass. These new lath products work better for a number of reasons, but the best reason is it does not rust. Keene Building Products offers a new Lath product called KeedeLath. It is a self-furring synthetic lath that is easier to install and a lighter alternative to self-furred metal lath. The unique patented design replaces old metal lath in a variety of wall applications.

KeedeLath is constructed of entangled nylon mono-filaments incorporated into a fiberglass grid. The technology creates an easy to handle, durable and non–corroding reinforcement material. It is flexible, lays flat and is faster to install then metal lath. This light weight roll of 11 lbs is much easier to handle then pieces of metal sheets and it can be cut simply with knife or scissors. Applications include stucco, manufactured stone veneers, and thin stone veneers.

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