Quiet Qurl® 55/025 FT is a sound control mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. Quiet Qurl’s FT “Fast Tracking” fabric liner suspends the concrete mixture while expediting the drying time. Quiet Qurl 55/025 FT can cut down drying times up to 40% under the right environmental conditions. This occurs because the bottom side is thick enough for air movement while the fabric is open enough to allow bottom drying through convection.

Quiet Qurl FT provides the same high performance impact noise control, but now can also decrease a projects delivery time at a crucial stage in the construction life cycle. It is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, which are heat welded at the junctions to form a resilient structure that absorbs noise when sandwiched in a masspring- mass building design. It is a Class A fire-rated product, allows moisture to continue to evaporate from the bottom side of the topping pour, but prevents trapped moisture, since it continues to allow moisture vapor to pass through.

When used in conjunction with 1.0-inch (2.54-cm) gypsum concrete, the combined system can achieve a “EXTRA HEAVY DUTY” rating from the Tile Council of America.

Quiet Qurl 55/025 FT has excellent performance at reducing sound in mid and high frequencies. Floors can be covered faster allowing for a faster project completion in your Multi-family construction apartment and condominium projects.

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