KutRite Manufacturing KRazor EDGE brings together the foremost in concrete grinding and polishing technology and design work, all aimed at cutting time and labor, along with ease of use. The KRazor gets the contractor/operator off of their hands and knees when grinding and polishing the edges of the floor. It offers an electric fully powered system with a 360-degree, six-position adjustable swivel handle for operator comfort; tilt-back feature and quick-change tooling; and easily changeable heads, enabling the operator to change from a single seven-inch path to a footprint twice that size. HISTORY: In an attempt to help concrete grinding and polishing contractors get off their hands and knees when doing floor edge work, KutRite originally designed and produced the highly successful EDGEKutter.

The EDGEKutter is a dolly system, enabling any contractor to attach their hand grinder to the standup unit. The EDGEKutter’s T-handle is ergonomically designed to enable the operator constant adjustment and comfort during long hours on the job. In addition, the EDGEKutter’s rocker pivot suspension enabled the machine to “float” over the floor’s undulations, with the grinding and polishing head slides flush against any corner or wall. INNOVATION: The KRazor takes the EDGEKutter to the next level. Instead of a dolly system carrying a hand grinder, the KRazor brings a fully powered unit that includes not only all the great features of the EDGEKutter, but changeable single and twin noses housing 7-inch grinding and polishing heads. In essence, the KRazor combines KutRite’s popular Conquer grinding and polishing series with the EDGEKutter’s mission. Many of the same concepts used in the 2012 MIP Award Winning Conquer Twin, a 910-pound grinder and polisher with two planetary turntables including three abrasive drivers each stationed side-by-side, cutting on 42-inch (side by side) or 22-inch (inline) paths, are also used in the KRazor.

The KRazor’s grinding heads can also use the 5/8-11 cup wheel or a 7/8 smooth bore wheel and offer a flexible system with complete magnetic tooling. The tilt-back feature makes the machine labor friendly when it comes to changes, and is also safer to use. Few floor edging grinders and polishers offer work-path options like this one. The operator can use the single head for a seven-inch path, or quickly change the nose to double the grinding and polishing footprint. In addition, experienced contractors can opt to use one grit on one of the twin plates, while using another grit on the other. Changing from single to twin is an onsite adjustment. While it is not a “quick change” feature, it is no more than a 30-minute adjustment done with a Phillips head screwdriver and a couple of socket wrenches. Having the option of putting two grinding heads flush against a wall for the best concrete edge possible? That’s an attractive package that the new KutRite KRazor EDGE offers! http://www.kutritemfg.com/krazor_edge.php