Introducing the Laser FF M100 Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness solution. Our state of the art ASTM E1155 laser measurement technology combined with our exclusive field processing software gives you the fastest, most accurate, and simple-to-operate FF/FL measurement solution ever. 

Inspect your concrete pours for high or low spots while they’re still wet and workable. Create FF/FL reports with a few clicks on a tablet.  Know your ADA compliance numbers before the inspector ever sets foot on your jobsite.   Monitor steel camber as you progress from deck to deck.

In designing our solution, we focused on usability and a Minimum Viable Workflow to get actionable information to your crews while still on the jobsite. The M100 scanner is lightweight and portable; small enough that the ruggedized case fits in the overhead compartment of any airplane. It’s so user-friendly that the color touchscreen can be operated by any of your field crew with less than an hour of training. They will produce easy-to-read deliverables (i.e. heat maps, contours or FF/FL reports) in as little as 10 minutes.

We understand that information is power. We want to empower the entire concrete industry to deliver superior results while minimizing liability. We also understand value. Our solution was designed around affordable performance and we met our goal by providing a solution with a monthly payment less than the cost of a single FF/FL inspection.

Welcome to the future of concrete quality control. Welcome to Laser FF.

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