One definition of “Innovation” is offering a product or solution to the market that allows the end user to accomplish tasks that previously were not possible.

The industry has long recognized that stationary Boom Extension screeds are vastly superior to moving Drive-In concrete screeds in terms of higher volume production; FL/FF accuracy; concrete structural integrity and user safety. Prior to Ligchine’s introduction of their versatile family of ScreedSaver machines in 2007, the contractors only options for stationary boom extension machines were massive sized boom screeds with numerous inherent limitations. The market offering for new boom extension machine at the time was focused on a machine that weighed more than 15,000lbs (6,800kgs); required the operator to control the machine from a distant driver position on top of the machine; required a tractor trailer rig to haul the machine; limited job site access and mobility due to its size and drive system; and the cost of such a screed exceeded the budgets of the vast majority of flatwork contractors in the world.

Ligchine International takes great pride in introducing the ScreedSaver XT concrete screeding machine, a machine loaded with “innovations” that will allow flatwork contractors to go places and do things that previously were not possible. Benefits include:

The only screed in the world that operates with Topcon’s state of the art 3D Satellite controlled GPS system for screeding contoured concrete like parking lots. Unlike other screeds that use a dedicated proprietary system that runs one screed per system, the Ligchine/Topcon system can run a fleet of machines including all ScreedSaver models, Dozers, Motor Graders, Curb machines, Excavators and Pavers simultaneously from a single GPS base station resulting in significant cost savings.

First “wireless remote controlled” screed machine - allows the operator to move freely and safely at ground level controlling the crew and the concrete placement results. The only screed in the world designed with all-terrain track drive meaning the machine will travel through the most difficult job sites, including sand, with total ease.

First Boom machine with independent hydraulic front wheel drive which results in a zero turn radius meaning it can turn on a dime in crowded construction sites. Combine this with the smallest footprint screed machine ever offered results in automated screeding taking place in locations previously not accessible.

First Boom screed light enough to run on heat tubing, rebar and vapor barriers without fear of damaging them. Expand your business into new markets. First Boom machine that can be transported with an economical pickup truck and utility trailer combination resulting in significant cost savings to the contractor.

Ligchine International Corporation
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