Proudly designed and built in America and covered by US patent no 8,506,232; the Loop Belt conveyor features high-strength tubular steel booms, 20” wide belts, fully hydraulic outriggers, proportionally controlled feeder deployment, and many more features and enhancements that result in improved performance, less operating cost and more profit to the owner.

1. REACH 107'-1". The LB33 outreaches all other truck mounted telescopic conveyors in its class.

2. CAPACITY. The 20” deep U-trough belts will allow as much as 40% more material delivery capacity and true large aggregate handling ability, but even more importantly, the wider belts can be run slower and cleaner.

3. DUAL DRIVE TELESCOPE. Wire rope driver system is extremely powerful, very accessible, and allows all sections to move simultaneously. Dual drive minimizes rope slippage and premature wire rope wear. Gearboxes, motors and multi-grooved sheaves are mounted outboard for easy access, service and maintenance.

4. TRANSFER. Transition from feeder to boom is designed for optimum capacity in all boom elevation configurations. Material transfers cleanly and without capacity reduction.

5. FEEDER DEPLOY SYSTEM. This patented feature allows the operator to quickly and easily deploy the feed conveyor from road transport position.

6. BRONZE BUSHINGS.  All rotating pin joints on the machine, including outrigger pivot pins and cylinders, boom pivot pins, transfer pivot pins, and elevate cylinder pins have been fitted with greasable grooved C954 Aluminum Bronze bushings for improved smooth performance, long life and ease of maintenance.

7. ELEVATE CYLINDERS. The boom elevate cylinders on Loop Belt conveyors are mounted outboard of the conveyor structure which provides clearance to the outriggers and eliminates interference and damage to the cylinders and outriggers. 

8. POWERED SWING OUTRIGGERS. Outriggers have been designed with hydraulic cylinders to deploy outriggers from travel position to working position. Fully hydraulic and proportional, they deploy quickly & easily without any manual effort. Out of level difficulties with manual deployment are eliminated. Machine is extremely stable under full load / 360°. 

9. OVERHUNG LOAD ADAPTER. Feeder swing gearbox shaft is fitted with an external bearing housing, large ball-bearing and seal to protect the shaft from high radial forces; thereby extending the gearbox life and eliminating costly replacement or repairs.

10. SWING DRIVE GEARBOX. The boom swing drive gearbox has been repositioned onto the upper rotating turret with the output shaft facing downward for better internal lubrication of output bearing and shaft seal. Gearbox life is extended, and reduces costly replacement or repairs.

11. OFFSET BOOM STRUCTURE. The offset feature allows the use of a variety of truck chassis including “cab-over” and conventional cabs while still maintaining high strength and stiffness.

12. LOWEST OPERATING COSTS. Wider belts, more efficient transfers and deep-trough U-rollers mean the belts can be run slower, have less cleanup, have less wear, last longer, and use less fuel. The results are longer component life, less operating costs and more profit to the owner. 

This is truly a low cost of operation machine that will provide many years of profitable service!

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