Mag-Lok Tools, Inc. has created the first revolutionary change in the long handle tool industry in over 2000 years!

Mag-Lok, “The socket set of long handle tools”, provides three benefits you can’t get with ANY other long handle tools:

Securable – Any contractors, utility companies, municipalities, DOT’s or anyone of who uses long handle tools, knows there is no way to secure those tools in the back of a truck. With the removable heads of the Mag-Lok System, the tools can be securely locked in a Knaack type box, in the storage bins of any utility vehicle, or even inside of the cab. NO MORE TOOLS STOLEN OFF THE TRUCK!

Portable – With our unique, rugged Mag-Lok tool bag, contractors can easily carry up to 12 heads and three different handles to their work site. IMAGINE … 36 TOOLS IN ONE HAND or over the shoulder!!! No other long handle tools can provide this kind of portability. The system also allows contractors and maintenance departments to easily carry all their long handle tools in the bed of their “Mule”, “Gator”, or other type all-terrain vehicle.

LIFETIME WARRANTY!! – Break ANY part of a Mag-Lok tool, in its intended use, and the user need only take a picture of it, email the picture to Mag-Lok and we replace it…directly…AT NO COST... FOR LIFE!

It’s that simple.

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