The MAKO FinStand and Base Plate support a FinCap screed chair to provide exact elevation control for concrete slabs and structural members for slab-on-grade and elevated decks. Concrete contractors worldwide can rest assured the finished elevation of their slabs will be maintained even in environments with extreme sub-grade variance or deck deflections.

The FinStand and Base Plate are easy-to-use and improve accuracy producing a higher quality slab in less time and with less labor. One person, with varying skill level, can easily set and adjust a screed support location using either a string line or laser. Elevation can quickly be set and adjusted for slab drainage or other irregular surfaces. The non-metal support assembly is virtually unbreakable and can withstand highly corrosive environments.

F-numbers for superflat floors are easily achieved and maintained for industrial and commercial jobs with MAKO Screed Support Systems. Achieving FF/FL numbers are also important on elevated slabs not only for cosmetic purposes, but it also impacts ease, efficiency and cost of finishing.

The patented, stay-in-place screed supports are fully adjustable for any slab 4.5” (115mm) or thicker. The FinCap, FinStand and Base Plate assembly is engineered to provide up to 1.25” (40mm) of adjustability for each setting. All-threads are available in seven different lengths to generate the desired slab thickness. Adding a nut and washer to the all-thread will enable another 0.5” (13mm) gain in height for a total 1.75” (45mm) of adjustability.

The FinStand may be used with or without the Base Plate depending on the site conditions or project requirements. The highly versatile MAKO Screed Supports are suitable for all types of flatwork; slabon-grade, elevated decks, embankments, bridges, superflat floors, multiple mats and leveling subgrade. MAKO products can be used with any type of screed including: roller, vibrating or truss screeds, and wet, hand or laser screeds.

For metal decking, the FinStand is designed to straddle the lower flute deformation and secure with fasteners to the metal deck providing quick setup and easy alignment. The FinStand can also be used on the upper flute. A #4 (#13mm) rebar positioned on the upper flute deformation can be used as a guide for setup. Attaching the Base Plate to the FinStand provides another option for the setup on the upper flute. Simply run any type of 0.5” (13mm) rod between the FinStand and Base Plate for alignment. Whether using the upper or lower flute deformation, the setup is fast, easy, and accurate.

MAKO’s products are ideal for vapor barriers. The FinStand securely snaps into the Base Plate for a non-penetrating vapor barrier screed support solution. The Base Plate secures to the vapor barrier with Tact Tape or other adhesive. Aligning the screed support locations can be achieved with the same process used for metal decking. The FinStand and Base Plate assembly is also ideal for use on hard rock, overlays, sandy or loamy soil.

MAKO’s innovations are made in the USA and allow contractors to stay compliant with ACI-302, ACI- 117 and ASTM E 1155.

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