In November 2014, Manitou the world leader in all-terrain material handling equipment introduced the MHT 1490 heavy capacity telescopic handler. This MHT 1490 was designed specifically for the North American market as the first telescopic handler to pick and carry up to 20,000 lbs. (9072 kg) capacity with a low boom mount providing 360 degree operational visibility. The MHT 1490 brings full-sized, heavy capacity lifting performance in a compact frame, reaching heights up to 46’0”. It is ideal for construction applications, bridge maintenance, logistics handling, and wind-farm applications. 

The MHT 1490 is powered with a Final Tier IV Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engine, providing 176 hp (129 kW) and 553 ft.lbs.(750 Nm) of torque at 1600 rpm. This is a 4-cylinder engine (5.13 l) equipped with an Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) valve and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) requiring the addition of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), such as AdBlue or a similar formula.

A hydrostatic transmission coupled with a two speed gearbox allows for optimum power and control of travel, driving at up to 24.8 mph (40 km/h), for precise placement of the machine. The MHT 1490 was designed with a reinforced chassis, strengthening the structure for handling heavy loads, and a triplex chain boom. This 3-section-chain boom has all of its components (hoses, actuators, cylinder, chains, etc.) inside the telescopic tube to avoid any risk of damage.

The MHT 1490 has an automatic locking rear axle for better lateral stability. The frame has the ability to level while driving, by the use of proportional valves that provide flexible and accurate movements. This frame levelling will correct leaning or sloping of uneven terrain to eight degrees in either direction.

From oil and gas or mining markets, to building, trade or industrial applications, the MHT 1490 demonstrates great versatility due to its high capacity, strength, and variety of attachments. The Manitou quick attach system comes standard, interchanging attachments within seconds, optimizing more machine up-time as well as performance in diverse applications. Optional attachments include; hook, jibs, carriage/forks, tire handlers, work platforms, and underground work platform for this machine. A standard remote control is available to control the machine on the outside of the cab or inside the working platform.

The MHT 1490 prime unit features the newest Manitou technology that increases safety for the operator as well as the jobsite. The Manitou patented E-RECO attachment recognition system and 3BG stability system combination will detect when an attachment is properly installed on the machine, automatically assigning the appropriate load chart and safe operation work zones. This eliminates operator guesswork, increasing productivity, and making daily operation more efficient as well as simplified. This also allows the operator to properly and safely utilize attachments to their full lift capabilities.

Operation is made easy with the Manitou JSM, joystick switch and move controls. This all-in-one joystick allows the operator to steer with the left hand while the right hand controls all hydraulic and machine movement functions. The MHT 1490 operates in full-time four-wheel drive with three steering modes, 2-wheel, 4-wheel and Crab.

The ergonomic deluxe cab of the MHT 1490 features a precise dashboard, heat and air-conditioning, adjustable armrest, front/rear/roof and ride side wipers, left and right hand mirrors, working lights, and cloth seat with active suspension for more comfort. Machine functions, notifications, and maintenance reminders are located within the 7” LCD dashboard display. Other innovative indicators enhanced with this machine are a longitudinal stability indicator, combined with an Aggravated Movements Arrestor system, and a load status regulator that has been installed for increased safety during complex handling operations.

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