EZEXTENZ™ is a highly innovative concrete chute technology designed for standard Ready Mix trucks. EZEXTENZ™ is faster, easier and more efficient than the conventional chute. It is easy to maintain, improves worker safety and drastically cuts onsite labor costs, making it an industry game changer.

Based on solid engineering principles, the patented 30-foot, fully hydraulic, remote-controlled, telescopic concrete chute can swing 180 degrees making any area within the radius now reachable with ease. With a press of a button you can control the drum speed, the flow of the concrete, extend or retract the chute and move it up, down and sideways, all while concrete is flowing.

This highly efficient and easy to use chute technology significantly reduces the hard labor required of the operator expanding the possible pool of qualified drivers. It decreases the number of workers needed at the construction site, improving the cycle time and making the truck fleet more efficient. The EZEXTENZ™ chute provides a great competitive advantage for both the contractor and the Ready Mix supplier.

Operating the chute with the remote control is simple and requires very little training. With the touch of a button once a hard task has now been made fast and easy. With the 30-foot long chute and the 180 degrees swivel range you don’t have to move the truck as often. The hard and manual labor getting the concrete to the toughest places can now be done quickly and automatically using the remote control, making the concrete placing and finishing more precise, faster and easier to complete.

The chute requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean. All you need to do is wash the chute for a few minutes after each load, apply form oil 2-5 times a day and power wash at the end of the day. Grease the chute once a month and change the oil once a year. It’s that simple.

Concrete placing is known to be a hard and backbreaking task. With the EZEXTENZ™ chute technology this is no longer the case, creating a safer work environment.

The chute technology provides great long-term savings. It reduces labor costs and in many cases can also replace the need for a costly pump truck, resulting in a more efficient and productive construction site and truck fleet. All technology advancements come with a price but the EZEXTENZ™ benefits outweigh them all.Established in 1967, MSM the producer of EZEXTENZ™ is a leader in heavy construction equipment innovation and manufacturing across the Northern European region.

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