• ProContractorMX is the industry’s only all-in-one construction management software solution, including capabilities for estimating, project management, and accounting. It allows seamless workflow across applications and increased productivity and profitability on every project. Built on SQL Server database, it allows all applications managed in a single solution, and so companies can effectively manage the entire project lifecycle.

    The solution’s latest enhancement is RedLine for Mobile Connect, which allows users to modify electronic documents with the swipe of a finger on an iPad and stay in sync in real-time. Mobile Connect allows convenient access to important project-related documents and data managed in ProContractorMX via iPad mobile device, whether in the office, on the road, or at a job site. Using RedLine, contractors can use finger or stylus on iPad to mark up, annotate, stamp, approve, reject, sign, and even insert photos to important project documents – and also save those revisions to ProContractorMX for distribution to architects, the office, vendors, anyone involved in the project. Users can even take photos, make notes, and distribute instantly.

    The notable advantages include:

    Mark up drawing sheets electronically instead of using highlighters and colored pens.

  • Circle items in the plans that need attention, add comments and notes on the plan.
  • When using the iPad 2 or newer (versions with a camera), take photos on the fly and add them into the drawing, or add them from iPad’s photo gallery.
  • Use RedLine to mark up drawings or photos when in the field and send to office as RFI without generating a single piece of paper or scan a single document!
  • Easily email RedLine files from the application.
  • Store originals and copies of various revisions/markups to keep drawings clean and usable, without spending thousands on multiple sets of plans.
  • Review and RedLine contracts, change orders, invoices, submittals, and any other PDFs you have in your ProContractorMX binder file.
  • Mark up a contract or submittal for revision using the document markup tools, including the ability to select sections of text in the PDF to be edited via highlight, underline, or strikethrough tools. Circle or box out sections of the document and add personal text comments or notes, or can just use fingertip and scribble as one would with a marker on paper.
  • RedLine features can be edited at any time for details such as line thickness, line color, fill color, and opacity, or users can copy, add a note, remove from file, and more.
  • Mark approval process documents using the 12 preloaded stamps (Approved, Void, Confidential, Draft, and more), symbols, flags, or even create custom stamp text with optional date and timestamp.
  • Create custom digital signature or initials for quick insertion into approval documents. Even allow for a customer or guest to insert a digital signature to a co-signed document. In summary, RedLine for ProContractorMX Mobile Connect is ideal for superintendents and project managers who need more productivity in the field. It’s an affordable and convenient way to communicate and stay in step for best profit.
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