Wainscot Stone Panel System

The URESTONE Professional Faux Stone Series includes large 4 x 8-ft. panels that are realistic in appearance, durable, lightweight, provide energy savings and are easy to install. The new Wainscot Ledgestone is a 42-in. x 8-ft. panel with built-in 4-in. top stone ledge that allows a quick and professional looking installation. It is ideal for new and renovated metal buildings, modular buildings, strip malls, restaurants, residences, and many other applications.

Replications Unlimited. 303-501-4306. www.urestonepanels.com  

Detect and Deter Theft

The Plastic Truck Seal provides enhanced tamper evident protection for securing trailer doors, storage cabinets, totes, and boxes. The high-density polyethylene seal is durable in extreme weather and features a high temperature resistant locking chamber. Its Clean Break Design reduces cost and waste, as individual seals detach from the strip without any material left over. Available in 30-, 60-, 90-, or 115-lb. tensile strength options as well as seven colors. 

Cambridge Security Seals. 845-520-4111. www.cambridgeseals.com

Space-saving Insulation

Increase thermal resistance in space-limited situations with the slender-profile, high-efficiency Vacuum Insulation Panel. In brick or concrete masonry walls, it can deliver continuous R30 insulation while maintaining a thin wall design. The panel offers five to 10 times better thermal resistance than conventional insulation materials, while providing design flexibility, improving aesthetics, and saving space.

Dow Corning Corp. 989-496-7881. www.dowcorning.com

Apply Uniform Mortar Lines

John Murray's Tuck Pointing Tool allows tuck pointers to easily apply two or more equal lines of mortar in an efficient and uniform fashion, and is used in conjunction with a mortar pump. The non-corrosive metal tool features an inlet in the handle which connects to a mortar supply hose. It is adjustable for different brick widths and lengths.

Invention Resource International. 800-778-8814. www.sellidea.com/?id=4860

Dissolve and Remove Graffiti

Elephant Snot graffiti remover penetrates deeply to dissolve and loosen graffiti on porous surfaces, such as concrete, cement, and stone. In most cases, graffiti can be erased with water from a hose — no pressure washing required. The low-odor remover works quickly, in a wide range of temperatures.

Graffiti Solutions Inc. 800-891-0091. www.graffitisolutions.com

Rugged Tablet PC

The heavy-duty GD3015 tablet PC has all the functionality of a regular laptop computer, including Windows 7, embedded security, 10.4-in. screen, and 3G wireless network connectivity. Options include magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, GPS, and a camera. The unit stands up to rain, dirt, impact, and vibration.

General Dynamics Itronix. 800-441-1309. www.gd-itronix.com