The MB-R800 drum cutter is a precise and powerful tool for utility work and contractors working with hard material or surfaces. MB Crusher manufactures this dual head drum cutter with a direct drive twin-motor system, a unique patented system that allows for the differential distribution of power to two rotary cutting heads.

It will handle trenching, channeling operations, rock and concrete profiling, demolition and finishing work, excavation operations in quarries and mines, tunneling, and chiseling and restoring deteriorated surfaces, such as underpasses, cellars, caves, and water canals.

Along with the direct drive twin-motor system, the drum cutter is designed with a hydraulic calibration control system and an integrated safety control system that automatically activates to protect the internal parts of the cutters, for example, where erroneous calibration of the carrier’s hydraulic occurs. All of these systems make MB's drum cutters innovative and unique.

The MB-R800 drum cutter performs at a high productivity level with low levels of vibration. It is strategically engineered to allow contractors to precisely control the shaping of surfaces and material while reducing strain on the excavator arm.

The MB-R800 drum cutter is ideal for an excavator weighing between 22,100-48,500 lbs. It has a rotational speed from 60 RPM to 80 RPM and has a pick force of 25,000 ft lb. It is one of three dual head rotary drum cutters MB Crusher offers to customers. MB Crusher also manufactures a line of jaw crushing and trommel screening attachments for skid loaders, loaders, backhoes and excavators, as well as 360- degree rotation grapples.

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