It goes 2-3 times faster than any other mini-excavator on the market (6.2 mph); it can rotate 360° while carrying 40% of its own weight and it offers a 360° view to its operator. Its boom can lift and load materials to a height up to 16 ft.; it folds to 131 degrees for maximum stability and lifting performance. Its CONNECTÒ quick coupling system allows switching attachments in seconds, and auxiliary hydraulics enable standard hydraulic attachments. Above all, it responds perfectly to tighter urban spaces with its compact radius and small footprint.
Its multi-function ability reduces the number of machines, the number of man-hours and the amount of fuel required. Its ergonomic architecture and ease of operation result in less on-the-job injuries and a smoother work flow. It has proven to hold the highest utilization rate in its class, achieving 700-800 hours per year as opposed to its competition at 500 hours per year.
3 models
The 6MCR High-speed Skid-Excavator – 6-ton
The 6MCR is equipped with the Mecalac attachment. The KinematicsÒ mechanism patented by Mecalac is the common denominator of all Mecalac excavators and gives them one of Mecalac’s unique and unequalled values: the compact design in width, length and height. This allows the operator to adapt to all situations to work closer to the machine, to dig a trench behind a wall or a crash barrier, to lay sand, to load in the narrowest alleys and in the most difficult sites. The attachment is at the center of the three essential functions of the 6MCR: digging, loading and lifting. These functions are instantly activated by changing tools in just seconds, without leaving the cab, thanks to the CONNECTÒ quick coupler. With this hydraulic tool holder, the Mecalac attachment allows the 6MCR unit to excel in each of these tasks, to exceed the user’s expectations, to bring an undeniable advantage in performance, agility, compact design, profitability and quality.

The 8MCR High-speed Skid Excavator – 8 ton
The 8MCR is a tracked machine design, combining the features of a compact 7.2/7.6 ton excavator housing the engine and equipment on the upper section, with those of a fast, compact loader on a triangular, tracked chassis. The 8MCR can move at a speed of up to 6.2 mph. This new concept is a fine example of how innovative design can combine comfort, productivity, economy and improved working methods with the protection of the environment. A simple selector switch lets the driver change from compact excavator mode to compact loader mode, and then back again, all using the same commands. The Mecalac CONNECTÒ attachment means that a tool can be changed in just a few seconds, without the need to get down from the cab. The control lever functionality is a major innovation; it allows the operator to switch over to loader mode, thus significantly improving productivity, ease of use and site organization.

The 10MCR high-speed skid excavator - 9.4/10 ton
The 10MCR is particularly suitable for work demanding high performance in digging and handling. This machine offers remarkable advantages for companies focusing on the intelligent management and profitability of the job site. These include compactness both on the ground and in elevation, the KinematicsÒ of the Mecalac boom, superior performance typical of higher weight machines, unequalled operating speed and versatility. The 10MCR also works to protect the operator and surrounding environment. The two operating modes - compact excavator and compact loader - can be selected with a simple switch for each function through standard ISO commands. The functions on the control levers allow a zero adjustment time and are considerably easier to use than those on standard equipment. The well-designed cab is one of the most spacious available in its class, resulting in less fatigue and better focus for the operator within the work area.

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