Much faster
Groutzilla is a mechanical delivery system for placing grout or mortar in blocks, walls, forms, and foundations. It is 30% faster than other mechanical systems, can be cleaned without disassembly in a fraction of the time, and is significantly less costly than grout pumps.
Stone Construction Equipment Inc., 800-888-9926,

Six models
The GP Series handles most types of water-based cementitious grouts. The pumps are used for grouting around in-place metal door frames, filling hollow concrete block, under machine bed plates, ground stabilization, and general void filling. The low pressure, light weight equipment is available in four hand-operated and two air-powered models. Output capacities are 5 gpm to 10 gpm.
Kenrich Products, 503-281-6190,

Minimal waste
The Model 41006 tuckpoint applicator has a 1-qt capacity and offers clean, effortless dispensing of most material mixes with minimal waste. Each applicator is supplied with a turbine paddle mixer and grout nozzle. Material to be dispensed is troweled or poured into the tube.
Cox North America, 800-822-8114,

Swivel base
The Grout Hog unloads ¾ cu. yd in 2½ minutes when ran continuously, eliminates laborious lifting, and features a unique swivel-base system that allows workers to reach 17 ft of wall without having to move the forklift. The auger is removable and cleanup takes less than 15 minutes. There are four models available.
EZ Grout, 800-417-9272,

The Mix-N-Place allows the user to mix, dispense, and place materials with one machine. An auger below the mixing drum dispenses the product through a hose to place the grout precisely where needed. The pendant that controls the auger and mixing paddles can be attached to the end of the hose, allowing the laborer to control the pour.
Push Button Masonry, 563-580-3477,

Drill mounted
The Drill-Mate mortar gun is easily mounted to any 3/8-in. variable speed drill. Just scoop mortar into the 3-qt capacity hopper, pull the drill's trigger, and a continuous, controlled bead of mortar can be applied up to five times faster than conventional pointing methods. Four interchangeable steel nozzles from 3/16-in. to 5/8- in. wide and an angled nozzle for overhead and other specialized applications are available.
Quikpoint Inc., 800-368-2292,

Instantly adjustable
The System-2100 provides ergonomic mortar and grout installations in brick, block, flagstone, marble, and granite. The instantly adjustable pressure system reduces effort and cost in new construction, restoration, and repair work. When the Gun-2100 and Reach Extender are fastened inline, the 44-in. length lets the user stand to grout floors. There is no external power or moving parts. The system was designed by master masons.
EZ Build Masonry Inc., 415-488-4044,