Four versions

These mixers come in truck-, trailer-, wheel-, and skid-mounted versions, with capacities ranging from 8 cu ft to 16 cu. ft. A bypass system automatically stops the mixer when it jams, allowing the operator to reverse the direction and resume mixing. The design helps avoid mechanical failure and downtime. Hydra-Flow, div. of Macalite Equipment, 877-622-2548,

Hydraulic drive

The 18-hp S5 GH gas model handles pressure grout, plaster, and stucco. It features a hydraulic drive technology that provides fully variable volume pump output. A reverse pump feature relieves line pressure. Putzmeister America Inc., 800-884-7210,

Dynamic mixing

The Buddy line includes three belt-driven, heavy-duty models. TheEXD850,EXD1100(shown), and EXD1300 have capacities of 8, 11, and 13 cu ft respectively, and are considered to be true 2-, 3- and 4-bag mixers. Features include an eight-paddle configuration that delivers “dynamic mixing” and a unique drum profile which eliminates the dead zone. Stone Construction Equipment, 800-888-9926,

Batch a minute

Gilson mortar/plaster mixers incorporate an aggressive 4/2 paddle design that creates batch a minute results, while reducing excessive material build-up. Separate end drums decrease internal drag and create a more efficient, complete batch. Drum shaft seals and paddle shaft bearings make inspection and maintenance easy. Cleform Tool Corp., 800-253-3576,

Fast turning belts

These mixers come standard with a totally enclosed gear box which makes them safer, quieter, better lubricated, and less prone to failure and breakage. A 6:1 gear reduced engine is required, which make it less expensive to replace. The belts turn six times faster, delivering more torque and eliminating slippage. Crown Construction Equipment, 800-661-0304,

Tripler handler

The MH-9 is a compact, 2 to 3 bag mixer for smaller jobs. The pull-start Mud Hog features a hydraulic dump and drive and comes standard with a new tow package. The mixer pulls from the side instead of the end so the wheels are completely out of the way of a wheelbarrow or the forks of a lift truck. The mixer handles mortar, grout, and concrete. EZ Grout Corp., 800-417-9272,

Mix, dispense, and place

This system allows the user to mix, dispense, and place up to 20 cu yd of materials with a single machine. The Mix-N-Place eliminates labor and forklift time by taking the mixer to the mortar tubs. Mortar or grout is discharged out the bottom with an auger, rather than dumping. Push Button Masonry, 563-580-3477,

Two models

The HSM series includes a 2.5 bag electric or gas version and a 4 to 5 bag hydraulic over gas mixer. The smaller HSM2 transfers power to the paddles via a centrifugal clutch, which can stop the paddle rotation to a true oil bath gearbox when idled down. The hydraulic drive and dump HSM 4 (shown) is powered by a 13-hp Honda engine that features an offset drum axis for easy loading and high lifting. IMER USA, 800-275-5463,