Product serves decorative/architectural applications

CarpenterStone mortar combines the advantages of concrete and wood and has four times the tensile and flexural strength of concrete. The mortar is suitable for decorative and architectural applications, and can be formed, molded, stamped, stained, painted, and integrally colored. The mortar is fireproof, termite-proof, and freeze/thaw resistant.Nycon Inc., 800-456-9266,

Patching and repairing quickly

Designed for horizontal, trowelable, and form and pour repairs, VersaSpeed is a multi-use, rapid-setting patching and repair mortar. The repaired area can handle standard tire traffic two hours after the final set. The mortar is suitable for interior and exterior applications and is easy to use by just adding water. This low-shrinkage material patches and repairs concrete with thicknesses up to 6-in., and resists freeze/thaw damage.The Euclid Chemical Co., 800-321-7628,

Mortar handles several jobs

Veneer Stone Mortar is a contractor-grade blend of portland cement, hydrated lime, and masonry sand specifically formulated for veneer applications and tuckpointing of stone and thin brick. The mortar is designed for use in mortar joint applications, as a bonding coat to adhere stone to a wall, and as a 3/8-in. to ½-in. scratch coating. It comes standard in gray, but can be colored. A polymer-modified and water-resistant formulation is available.The Quikrete Companies, 800-282-5828,

Cementitious version sets fast

Mapecem 100 is a cementitious mortar that can be used in lifts up to 4-in. thick. Applications include resloping floors, treating concrete defects, leveling low areas of floors, and filling trenches, voids, and honeycombs. Fast set time allows traffic within 3 to 4 hours of application.MAPEI Corp., 800-426-2734,

Product handles cold temperatures

Arctic Freezite is a 100% solids epoxy mortar that offers fail-safe repairs in temperatures as low as -10° F. It allows for traffic flow within 2 hours of filling potholes in concrete. The epoxy mortar features flexibility, impact resistance, and has a strong, chemical-resistant surface.Garon Products, 800-631-5380,

Fiber-reinforced mortar aids in building walls

Surface Bonding Cement is a fiber-reinforced structural cementitious mortar that can be applied to build dry stack block walls and concrete and masonry fire walls. It can be used as a water-resistant coating for basement walls, a crack-resistant coating over concrete and masonry, and a structural and decorative coating for restoration.Bonsal American, 800-738-1621,