The Mustang 800Z Zero-Tail-Swing Excavator is designed around a powerful and reliable Yanmar Interim Tier IV engine to enhance engine performance and increase efficiency. It is a true zero-tail-swing machine, with no cab overhang beyond the tracks in any direction. This allows the machine to operate directly against a wall or other obstruction without causing damage to the structure or machine. The 800Z excavator is equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler. This feature makes attachment changes as simple as flipping a switch. Plus, the pin grabber style hydraulic coupler works with the majority of excavator attachments, putting tools you already own to use.

The hydraulic system on the Mustang 800Z Zero-Tail-Swing excavator incorporates two variable pumps and two gear pumps. The pump oil flows are combined and redirected where needed allowing for simultaneous operation without loss of hydraulic power. An operator can save fuel when full performance is not necessary by reducing engine RPM by 10% using the ECO Mode. The mode is easily activated and deactivated with a simple toggle switch. The 800Z is equipped with a rugged, high strength boom constructed with a single boom-pin design and thick side-plates with internally routed lines. Heavy-duty cylinder guards protect exposed cylinders from damage. Longer, offset crawler tracks enhance stability and provide smoother travel. Tracks are short-pitched to reduce wear, fatigue and damage. The angled crawler frame reduces soil buildup on the undercarriage. The large, walk-through operator’s station increases operator safety and comfort, and enhances productivity.

An integrated boom light illuminates the area being excavated, extending the work day when necessary. Easy to remove side covers and a large rear access door allow access to all daily inspection and major maintenance points. APPLICATIONS The Mustang 800Z Zero-Tail-Swing Excavator is positioned in the North American market to meet the needs of contractors and agricultural customers. They excel in applications such as grading and excavating, trenching, digging, demolition and recycling and light utility construction. Their compact nature and zero-tail-swing design make them ideal in situations where space is limited.