The new Joint Stabilizing Protector products are specially formulated to protect concrete pavers and stop the movement of aggregates permeable paver joints or sand conventional paver joints.

Although Polymeric sand remains by far the best jointing solution for pavers, there may be extraordinary situations where an alternative is needed. Techniseal’s joint stabilizing Protectors are especially design to jell and solidify aggregates as well as sand in a near permanent state. These stabilizing properties allow the joints to stay intact by resisting the effects of weathering and regular maintenance. In addition, they will help prevent ant and weed infestation when used on conventional sand.

The use of permeable paving systems has dramatically increased in the last decade. Municipalities around North America now accept, and even specify, these products in both new and retrofit projects. Techniseal Joint Stabilizing Protectors are engineered to stabilize all types of aggregates with no significant impact on permeability of permeable paver systems.

Techniseal’s Joint Stabilizing Protectors are offered in both natural and wet looks. Wet look Protectors give a rich and glossy finish, prized by numerous homeowners. They are available in water or solvent based and are both easy to strip. It is important to notice that Techniseal’s water-based Protector is the only product on the market that provides a true wet look.


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