It should be easy for a contractor to select a diamond tool for his/her application. That is why Husqvarna is introducing a new performance level rating Gold, Silver and Bronze. The three tiers simplify the blade selection process and symbolize the following:
Husqvarna Gold level diamond tools are developed for professional use in specific applications. Blades with this rating provide maximum cutting speed and wear-resistance in heavy cutting, grinding and drilling.
Husqvarna Silver level diamond tools are developed for professional use in all-around applications. Blades provide high cutting speed and wear- resistance in all cutting, grinding and drilling.
Husqvarna Bronze level diamond tools are developed for occasional users. They provide a good balance between performance and price in common cutting and drilling applications.

2017 New blades include the introduction of the innovative Vanguard HS, the Taci-Cut VH3 and the Elite-Cut Masonry Series.

Vanguard HS
The Vanguard HS blade for flat saws and power cutters is an original. It features segment-wear indications, depth control cooling holes and .500" high segments that reduce side friction and promote cutting speed.

Tacti-Cut VH3
The Tacti-Cut VH3 provides an economic solution for cutting reinforced concrete and natural stone. The blade utilizes a continuous turbo rim for fast, clean cutting. Available in a 14" diameter.

Elite-Cut Masonry Series
The Elite-Cut Masonry series was designed by observing the most common masonry applications and developing specifications and segment shapes that are ideal for those applications.

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