• The Rhino RM150 is the newest addition to our line of floor grinding equipment joining last years “Most Innovative Product” – the award winning Rhino RL450 floor grinder.

    With a 14” footprint weighing in at 150 pounds the RM150 can be quickly separated into 2 pieces that fit in the trunk of a small car.

    But don’t be fooled by its size and sleek sexy design, the RM150 offers the following cutting edge features:

    1.5 HP, 110V Baldor motor

  • Geared down 3.4 to 1 for maximum torque
  • Six 5” heads turning at 600RPM for optimum performance
  • Triple pin technology provides uniform articulation
  • Double 30mm drive belts
  • Onboard storage compartment for spare belt
  • Biased Weight Kit – Add up to three 35LB weights for a total weight of 255LBS.

This machine is 100% trackless – making it ideal not just for prep but also for polishing, burnishing & edging. Why buy multiple machines when the Rhino RM150 can do it all!

Professional contractors design our equipment; therefore we know that ANY down time on your job means less profit… We are therefore very proud to introduce our new Quick Belt Change Technology. Making the Rhino belt change the fastest in the industry – We have made it possible for anyone and everyone to change the belt in less than 5 minutes while on site!

Finally we have designed the Rhino RM150 to grow with your business, by making it possible for any contractor to easily convert it to a 3HP 220V variable speed machine on your own!