Rebar splice

Lenton Mason Lock taper-threaded splices quickly and easily connect two pieces of rebar, eliminating lap splices in concrete block walls. The cost-effective connectors assure strength, consistency, and reliability while simplifying installation. The splices conform to ACI code and IBC seismic requirements. Available in sizes #3 - #18 (10 mm - 57 mm).

Erico Inc. 800-248-2677.

Vapor and water barrier

Blueskin VP is a fully integrated, self-adhered, vapor permeable air and water barrier membrane. It seals the building enclosure to control air leakage while maintaining a continuous, breathable drainage plane. Blueskin VP is backed with a permeable adhesive layer that is applied to walls, transitions, and around wall openings without mechanical attachment.

Henry Co. 800-486-1278.

Pallet fork attachments

The company has introduced pallet forks specially designed for its skidsteers and compact track loaders. Pallet fork assemblies are available with 48- or 42-in. tines, in either Heavy Duty, rated to 5,500 pounds, or Standard, rated to 4,000 pounds. The forks feature a rugged, reliable frame and outstanding tine visibility for safe, easy loading.

Case Construction Equipment. 866-542-2736.

Concrete planer

The 5-inch Concrete Planer (Model PC5001C) features an adjustable front roller and auxiliary base for consistent planing depth and added stability. The planer is engineered to smooth concrete surfaces, level concrete seams, remove epoxy from concrete, and more. Its 10 AMP motor has soft start technology for smooth start-ups, while electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load.

Makita. 800-462-5482.

Temporary walls

Use Dust Shield PRO poles to construct an effective dust barrier in minutes, without ladders or tape. The 360-degree pivoting bottom and magnetic fastening top allow the poles to lock screening material firmly in place. The dent-resistant poles, crafted of heavy gauge aluminum, can extend to 12 ft. and collapse to 57 in.

Surface Shields, Inc. 800-754-9685.

Garden wall system

The Chisel Wall 3 x 9-in. retaining wall system is designed with the look of hand-hewn stone. Its size is ideal for small walls and garden planters, with a rear-lip locator that helps with installation. The system consists of six individual retaining wall blocks, each with a unique face pattern, and matching cap units.

Anchor Wall Systems. 877-295-5415.

Dust disposal

The Longopac continuous collection system is an easy-to-use feature of the S3 single-phase vacuum with a 26-gallon collection container. The system has a collection bag that can be dispensed as needed, to any length and volume. Once filled, the plastic bag can be cut, sealed, disposed, and immediately restored for a new use.

Nilfisk CFM, div. of Nilfisk-Advance America. 800-645-3475.

Grout with precision

Non-Shrink Precision Grout is a high-strength, non-metallic grout designed for precision grouting and general construction applications. The grout only needs water to obtain flowable properties and high strengths. Non-shrink characteristics make it stable and capable of handling high load transfers.

The Quikrete Companies. 800-282-5828.

Weather-resistant stain

Dymacryl 1100 Sierra Tone Water-Repellent Masonry Stains absorb deeply into the porous microstructure of concrete, brick, stucco, and stone to form a water-repellent, semi-permeable barrier. The colorfast, flake-resistant stains are available in 10 popular colors and cover uniformly while preserving the original texture of the substrate.

Dampney Company. 800-537-7023.

Walk safely

The company's Utility collection of industrial and service shoes for men and women combines function, comfort, and style. The shoes' unique toe cap design is anatomically correct for the left and right foot, providing a comfortable steel toe box that meets ASTM safety standards. Other features include stability plates, reflective webbing, and a waterproof membrane system.

KEEN, Inc. 866-676-5336.

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